Kingston Vets Own Gary Dybdall Aiming For Double Success At Crufts

(Hull Daily Mail Article – 04/03/13)

A Hull vet is hoping to shortly pull off a coup at Crufts by gaining the Best of Breed award for the second year in a row for Breeze, a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Gary Dybdall, who works at the Kingston Veterinary Group in Hull, will have to win through a field of over 200 other Bernese Mountain Dogs to retain the Best of Breed award when he competes at Crufts on March 9 and 10.

Gary has been showing dogs for the past six years and enters Breeze in competitions for the dog’s owners, who are Bernese Mountain Dog breeders based in Rochdale.

“My role is to get Breeze ready for Crufts and other competitions. She’s living with me at present and I get up early every morning to get her fit and ready for Crufts before I go into work. The odds are against us winning two years in a row but that is what we are aiming to do,” saidGary.

“I’ve always loved dogs, and when I’m not at Kingston Vets looking after them I’m happy to be caring for them at home. They are a big part of my life,” he said.

His routine for Breeze includes taking her for walks and jogging sessions, bathing her every week and putting her on a hydrotherapy treadmill to increase her muscle tone.

If looking after one very large dog isn’t enough,Gary also has his own Bernese Mountain Dog, Boyde – meaning that his home in Hessle is particularly busy at present.

Breeze, whose show name is Champion Meadowpark Whispers Breeze, gained the Top Bernese Mountain Dog award last year as well as the Best of Breed award, and will also be competing in the Best Breeder Award at Crufts this year.